Innovation Forum on Changing Patterns XXIII – March 7th

February 15, 2017

Join MCBC and The Mel King Institute on March 7th for an Innovation Forum on Changing Patterns XXIII to discuss mortgage lending in MA traditionally underserved communities. More details and registration can be found here.

Changing Patterns XXIII
Mortgage Lending to Traditionally Underserved Borrowers & Neighborhoods in Boston, Greater Boston and Massachusetts
— March 7th, 2017  —
9:30am to 11:30am
9:00am networking and refreshments
Registration Fee: $15

In its twenty-third annual report on mortgage lending patterns, Changing Patterns XXIII, the Massachusetts Community & Banking Council (MCBC) offers information on patterns of mortgage lending in the City of Boston, in Greater Boston, and in Massachusetts.

This session will use the report to explore with a panel of experts why these patterns have emerged and allow participants to dig into the data and issues behind them to have an in-depth conversation on issues of racial and income disparities, homeownership barriers, and the potential solutions to emerging patterns of concern.

The report covers:

  • The Level and Composition of Mortgage Lending
  • Borrower Race/Ethnicity and Income
  • Neighborhood Race/Ethnicity and Income
  • Denials of Mortgage Applications
  • Lender Activity
  • Legislative and Regulatory Developments

The report and supplemental materials can be viewed at

Please note the new date for this Forum (originally scheduled for February 23rd). This Innovation Forum will be in place of our regular Mortgage Lending Committee meeting that was originally scheduled for March 7th.