Webinar for Community Partners

July 22, 2019

Nontraditional lending options to expand lending services

Thursday, August 8th, 10:30am-12pm

Register here: http://bit.ly/MCBCCreditPassport

This webinar is limited to nonprofit organizations & non-profit lenders, we hope to be able to provide a similar offering to our member financial institutions in the near future.



As the credit industry continues to evolve to score more consumers, Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) and Nova Credit have partnered to provide international credit data to nonprofit lenders. In this webinar, Nova Credit will share how its Credit Passport™ product can allow lenders to better serve immigrants and help these newcomers learn how to establish themselves financially in the United States. CBA will share about a variety of nontraditional credit report options that offer solutions for more inclusive lending.

About CBA and Nova Credit

Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) is an innovative national network dedicated to building the capacity of a diverse and growing network of hundreds of asset building nonprofits across the country. CBA was created by and for our nonprofits members as a bridge to the modern credit reporting system to help millions of individuals with poor or no credit participate in the mainstream financial system by building credit.

Nova Credit helps immigrants and expats access the credit products they need by providing United States lenders with real-time access to international credit reports. Moving to a new country is hard. Nova allows newcomers to arrive and thrive.


Maria Sennett, Manager, Programs & Stakeholder Engagement, Credit Builders Alliance

Dan Stewart, Business Development, Nova Credit